About BluePixel Studio

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About BluePixel Studio

BluePixel Studio is run by design Sarah. BluePixel is a web based design project. Here at BluePixel you will deal mainly with Sarah, however she collaborates with other designers and developers as needed. Sarah has years of experience and has worked in many major companies in New Zealand, has interned, taught, and worked freelance.

BluePixel isn’t just about making a website or logo for your business. It’s about finding out what you need and who your audience and finding the best solutions for what you need.

Below is an overview of the services BluePixel offers. To find out even more you can contact Sarah at contact@bluepixelstudio.co.nz to have a chat.


Every business can benefit from a website. It’s a place to really sell what you have and say what you want to say. BluePixel exclusively uses WordPress so you can manage your website. Here at BluePixel we help narrow down what you need and what you want to portray to make the best website for you and your audience.

Graphic Design Solutions

Graphic Design is a hugely important part of having a corporate or business identity. It’s logos, business cards, letterheads and more. Sarah has an extensive Graphic Design background, having worked for large New Zealand businesses and also teaching for a short time. This allows BluePixel a unique edge.

Custom Email Address

BluePixel will help set up as many custom email addresses as you need. An example of a custom email address is instead of having contact@gmail.com, you can have something with your domain, like contact@bluepixelstudio.co.nz. This is much more professional than a standard email, and there are still free options.

Email Newsletters

Email Newsletters are a fantastic way to keep in touch with your clients. BluePixel exclusively uses MailChimp for newsletters, and will help you get it all up and running and show you how to create your own newsletters.

Social Media

Social networking is important, here at BluePixel Studios we know just how important it is. We are here to support you in many ways. It’s not just about having a Facebook or Twitter, you need to know how to use it. We are here to help.


Here at BluePixel we provide a wide range of options for your photography needs. BluePixel and provide stock photography for websites and brochures, can photograph some locations and also does family photography. By having a large Stock Photography library we can fill in what ‘s missing for very low prices.

Manage your own website

BluePixel Studio uses wordpress to create websites. There are great benefits to this. First of all, our prices are competitive as we focusing on building your website, not coding the same thing for every project. It also allows you to manage your own website easily.

Recent Portfolio Updates

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Instructions: To choose a photo save it and email it to me at contact@bluepixelstudio.co.nz. Chosen photos will be edited. Price: First 5 photographs free $15 per photo Every 5th photo free  ...

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